Musings of a Minimalist: Mother's Day Edition

Musings of a Minimalist: Mother's Day Edition

What can you truly give the woman that gave you everything? Cards, shoes, and pearls can never amount to the sacrifice of bringing life into the world or raising up a child, but each Mother's Day we try our best anyway to give back to the matriarchs in our lives. And by "try our best" I mean struggle to find the perfect way to say I appreciate you in the form a gift each year because it gets more difficult as the years go by.


If you're like me and you've exhausted your purse and clothing gifts and you're past the point of macaroni art (my mom told me straight up that she doesn't want anymore handmade cards either...), perhaps it's time to rethink your options. Thankfully, my mom and I have similar tastes--simple, timeless pieces and an affinity for gold--so it's usually not that hard to get her a gift since she usually likes what I like.

The newest addition to my accessories is my Jord watch in the Cora style with rose & gold. Naturally, when I showed it to my mom she wanted one too since it fits her minimalist chic aesthetic. With its natural wood style and pop of dusty rose, Jord's unique watch is a minimalist's best accessory since it matches everything yet still pops on it's own for a bit of added flair. And since my mom isn't a regular (she's a cool mom...I had to make the Mean Girls reference), she deserves a cool watch to match.



I'm holding a Jord Watch giveaway for a chance to win $100 towards a wooden watch for you or your beloved matriarch! All entrants will receive a $50 gift code to use for Jord. Enter the giveaway here.

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