The Wing

Thanks to an invite from a good friend of mine (shoutout to Briana!), I was a +1 on an RSVP to attend an open house for the most up-and-coming NYC co-working space, The Wing. New York, if you couldn't already tell, is keen on shared spaces; from shared apartments to Lyft lines, the biggest city on the East Coast does what it can with 8 million people. As for The Wing, they do what they can and a whole lot more for the women of the city. As stated on their website, "The Wing was born out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together." Yep, you read right - they created a co-working space for people who identify as female and there's more...

The truth is that women have always written books, made art, done research, owned businesses, led social movements and even ruled entire countries. Women have also done a majority of the less glamorous, underpaid or entirely uncompensated work of social reproduction—the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing that are necessary for men to go to work.

We do not need men to fill our shelves because we have always been and will continue to be active, prolific and important members of society. We are the rule, not the exception.
— R.H. Lossin, The Wing's librarian-in-residence

On top of making the 12th floor penthouse a comfortable place to create and co-work, The Wing has created a space for women, period. Atypical from your normal co-working space, The Wing is a multi-purpose environment full of encouragement, knowledge, amenities, and, most important of all, snacks. The Wing Library is a wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-ceiling bookcase filled with books and magazines covering a range of genres written solely by women. Revolutionary, I know. It's also color-coded and appeasing to the aesthetic-obsessed (aka me).

Now, let's talk amenities: spoiler alert, there's loads. There's a cafe decked with tasty treats, meal bowls, and caffeinated beverages. A locker room leading to a shower room equipped with The Wing shower caps, Aesop body products, Carol's Daughter hair moisturizer, and an adjacent Pump Room for any mommy members. The bathroom is also fully equipped with plenty of eco-friendly and natural beauty products from the available complimentary body fragrance offerings to the generous Glossier facial products. They also have a beauty room (which was closed during the Open House), and from the pictures I've seen it's a-ma-zing.

If reading all of this has made you want to run and sign up for your chance to be a Wingette (not sure if that's the official name of their members, I just made this up...), here a few things to note: admission is currently on a rolling basis, there is a bit of a waitlist because this place is just that awesome, and you can apply here. If you're interested in attending their next open house, be sure to keep it locked on their Instagram and try not to fangirl at all the amazing guests they've had recently (yes, Elaine Welteroth has graced their presence).