Musings of a Minimalist: Earrings

Musings of a Minimalist: Earrings

Before declaring myself a style minimalist (still trying to work minimalism into my everyday life), I already had a minimalist way about me out of sheer laziness. Some examples: I don't wear/purchase much makeup because I didn't feel like learning complex techniques and I pretty much only wear a wash n go or some variation of it because it's a quick style with little maintenance. That same lack of effort trickled down to several parts of my life which have left me with free time and energy to continue with endeavors that matter most to me: becoming fluent in Spanish (casi ahí!), blogging, and revamping my wardrobe. Maintaining a well put together closet has never been much of an issue for me, but tying it together with key accessories has always been my downfall. When it comes to bags and jewelry, I'm also an accidental minimalist out of laziness. 

With my goal of fully completing my closet with timeless pieces--accessories and all--I knew I had to start with the most basic thing I wore everyday: earrings.

Young Frankk,  Hand Earrings

Young Frankk, Hand Earrings

My goal when perusing for new earrings was to balance out my current basic earring collection (a pair of Guyanese gold flower studs passed on to me after my late great-aunt's passing, a pair of gold plated hoops from ASOS, and a pair of colorful statement studs which will surely go bad within the year) and add more atypical pieces to my collection that would become a classic, lasting accessory that adds dimension to my look. In my past month several month-long search, I accomplished that goal with the purchase of three pairs of quality jewelry pieces (two of which I purchased directly from the vendors at the SoHo holiday market and Brooklyn Flea market for $25 and $12, respectively).

From this search, I learned that being flashy while being subtle is made easy with dainty, statement pieces. Each piece I've added to my collection adds a different style to my look in the subtlest of ways (except for my Young Frankk hands, those are head turners) and are versatile enough to wear day-to-day. Now that my earring game is on point, I'm looking forward to reaching more mini style milestones with my shoe collection, necklace game, and trouser wardrobe.

With this series, Musings of a Minimalist, I plan to share each of the steps in my minimalist wardrobe revamping as I become more minimalistic by investing in quality classic pieces and releasing myself from the fast-fashion cycle. At the end of this all, I plan to have a closet that will serve me for times to come and not just one season. In the same stride, I'm striving to become more minimalistic in my everyday life by only purchasing my needs and living off of what I already have. Since I'm not quite there yet, know that when I say minimalist, I am referring to the style aesthetic, not yet the lifestyle. I can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you all and provide you with better content on my style and outfits going forward.