Small Business Saturday: Mulanic Designs


For my second installation of my Small Business Saturday series, I’m honored to be able to feature the work of a young, local talent who owns and creates her own crochet designs and fashion brand, Mulanic Designs. It’s typical for people of older generations to look down upon the youth as listless and without passion, but this sixteen year old defies their stereotype; without even having yet received her high school diploma, she’s managed to conjure a business idea at fifteen and execute it a year later. A feat that most people, regardless of age, can't say that they’ve accomplished.

 Owner and Designer of Mulanic Designs, Jadzia Scott

Owner and Designer of Mulanic Designs, Jadzia Scott

Meet Jadzia Scott—Brooklyn native, owner, and designer of Mulanic Designs; a crochet clothing brand whose name derives from her (and my) favorite Disney Princess Mulan. Jadzia’s passion for crocheting began with a lesson of the basics from her mother—a designer at the time who created crochet tops for music videos and fashion shows—when she was nine. Her designs took a backseat to school for a time and she rekindled her passion for the handmade art in the past year as interest in her skills took off. After crocheting in class, her peers took interest in the outcome of her designs and she’s been working to meet her rising influx of demand ever since.

What inspires me the most are my two favorite words: completion and competition. I am a very competitive person. When women ask me for a crochet design, I usually yearn for them to test my creative abilities. I love when they ask me to “Do my thing” because I show off when I’m challenged and my best pieces are what are produced from competitiveness.
— Jadzia Scott, Owner and Designer of Mulanic Designs

The Mulanic Designs bralettes are highest in demand and, even as a one-woman brand, Jadzia churns out an average of a top a day with quick turnaround and client satisfied quality. With a growing brand and design orders alike, the fashion designer has found reward in the experience of seeing her clients love and feel untouchable in the pieces they purchased. As an entrepreneur, she loves the journey which she has embarked on and is grateful and excited for every milestone she’s reached along the way.

I want my clients to feel untouchable when they wear my pieces; I want them to feel confident in their skin. Each top I make will always have something unique to it. “It’s a Mulanic thing” is what I usually like to say. When you wear it, you will automatically feel it. Ultimately, all eyes will be on you and that’s about the best feeling for any woman—to feel confident in their skin.
— Jadzia Scott, Owner and Designer of Mulanic Designs

With plans to expand her brand and broaden its reach, Jadzia has no lack in confidence that her beautiful handmade designs will only increase in demand and that she will reach her ultimate goal of getting her designs featured at concerts, fashion shows, and music videos. Jadzia’s efforts are focused locally in Brooklyn for the time being, but orders can be placed through direct contact or Instagram messaging. Custom designs are also available upon request as well as fittings and measurements for a fully customizable piece. To see more photos of the fashion tops by Mulanic Designs, check out their Instagram here (@mulanic_designs).

I wanna dress the best and also feed my city with the best threads. I have to keep Brooklyn looking good.
— Jadzia Scott, Owner and Designer of Mulanic Designs

Photos by Pascal DuBois (@paparazzopascal).