Music Monday: Blood Orange

Confession time: I used to be a music buff. So much so that I am a former radio host of four years, I've very likely surpassed my 100th concert mark before my mid-twenties, and I briefly worked in the music industry. Sometime thereafter, I fell off and blamed the busyness of the world on my lack of enthusiasm towards finding new artists and attending low-key shows like the olden days. Looking back, I still can't believe how curbed my enthusiasm was towards something I had loved so much for my entire life and I began to question the expiration of love itself, but that mystery is besides the point of today's post. After two years of a musical slump, it took one artist to bring me back to my former glory: Blood Orange.

Vibes are what I'm all about these days and vibes on vibes on vibes is what you get from Dev Hynes' body of work. Although already having listened to his older work, his latest album Freetown Sound came to me at a time when I was ready to receive his message. With all that's gone on in the country, it rekindled my desire to re-read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and to hear the author read his own words in the outro of Love Ya was sign enough that this was the album for me.

Freetown Sound, especially the tracks Chance, AugustineBest to You (featuring my homegirl in my head Empress Of), and Hadron Collider, has been on heavy rotation, but the record also opened my eyes to his featured artists such as Kelsey Lu whose new EP Church is one of the most enchanting bodies of music I've ever been obsessed with.

In my infatuation with this album, a kindling has sparked for new music, sounds, and artists in the ways I remember from two years ago. I hope to never fall in this sort of rut again and to prevent me from doing so I plan to post about a new song or artist I'm currently enthralled with each Monday. I guess my love for music never expired although it wasn't unwavering either. The mysteries of love won't be solved today, but I now know that some loves never die no matter how far off they may seem.