Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonders New York City has to offer. It's truly an abundant city with riches hidden in every corner and beauty to be seen even in the harshest of conditions. Coming off the main island is something I do often, however the smaller, less major floating masses around the city I have yet to explore. Before Kanye introduced the renovated island park to the world through his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, I explored the tiny neighborhood of Roosevelt Island to take in the sights and enjoy the first whips of autumn's crisp air.

Home to about 11,000 New Yorkers, Roosevelt Island is connected to Manhattan via bridge and tram car and serves as a refreshing getaway from the city without actually leaving the city.

Walking around and shooting landscapes and cityscapes is one of my favorite NYC pastimes. I've recently been gifted with my Sony DSLR baby and mixed the new with my 90s Looney Toones jean jacket I've had (and worn) since I was 8. Yes, my mother bought big clothes for me. No, I have not grown much.

Roosevelt Island was such a wonderland for photographs and the perfect place to clear your mind and relieve yourself of the noise of the city. The island is pretty much tourist-free and accessible with your MTA pass too, so if that isn't reason enough for you start packing a picnic basket now then I don't know what is.

All photos of me by @PaparazzoPascal