Sherelle Naturelle
Sherelle Naturelle
I will not live in fear based on perceived perceptions of myself by others.
— Sherelle Naturelle, 10 Steps Towards Self-Love

Sherelle started blogging on her Tumblr page Natural Hair Natural Beauty in 2011 while beginning her natural hair journey to inspire herself and others. Her Tumblr which posts inspirational pictures, tutorials and product reviews has grown to over 30,000 followers with thousands of daily visitors.

Wanting to maintain the community she built and spread knowledge further, Sherelle founded Sherelle Naturelle in 2015—her blog and YouTube channel geared towards natural hair, style, travel, and culture. Sherelle has worked as a brand ambassador for Carmella Marie and Rocksbox and has been featured on TIFF & COCO.



Professional Photography by Pascal DuBois (unless noted otherwise).