New year, new hair. Who dis?

I remember when I first went natural, curl definition was my life. From defined braid-outs, defined twists-outs and crispy noodle looking wash n go's, I tried my darndest to manipulate my hair to have it lay down and obey my every wish and command. Then came Instagram, a sea of endless curly girls sharing their journeys and bouncy curls with the world seeking to a create community and share hair tips. I was obsessed and getting inspiration for new styles became somewhat of a hobby. Among those styles, there were bantu knots, frohawks, TWAs, rod sets, and there I was sitting with my ramen noodle defined hair with little shape and body when I discovered the style I wanted the most: a fluffy, curly 'fro.

I tried picking my hair to my heart's content but no amount of manipulation would make my one-layered head of hair stand on end and fluff out on the sides. After facing disappointment with my then current shape, I decided to do the thing I dreaded the most to get the style I desired: Get a hair cut.

In 2014, after endless YouTube reviews, I made the decision to visit Devachan Salon (the inventors of the DevaCut curly cut), and get my shape sorted. Upon seeing her work via a YouTube vlog of a fellow curly blogger, I made my appointment with April at the Broome St (then Broadway) salon. She carefully listened to my ideas for the style I was looking for and transformed my triangle shaped hair into a banged 'fro with tapering layers. I haven't strayed since and now, four haircuts later, April is still the only person I trust to maintain and experiment with my shape. Every time I see her, I ask for more layers and/or volume and that's exactly what I get.

 Before the DevaCut

Before the DevaCut


Your stylist will ask you what shape you're interested in achieving and any volume and length preferences you may have. If it's your first cut, they should be more than happy to walk you through what they're doing. Depending on your curl type, they may cut curl-by-curl or they might group a few together and cut at once to create a layer. With either method, every curl will get its chance to be snipped.

Be warned, this is a pretty interactive cut and there may be some hair flipping and upside cutting involved to ensure that the shape is great from every angle. You'll certainly pick up a trick or two from your stylist as the cut and styling process is also somewhat of a tutorial.


Come with your hair freshly washed, with minimal product applied, fully air dried, and non-manipulated or stretched. A dry curly cut is best done on hair in its closest to natural state so the stylist can see how the curls will consistently fall day-to-day. Be vocal about your styling, what products work for you, how you prefer your hair dried, or opt-out of the styling altogether if you prefer (FYI - opting out of styling doesn't lessen the price in my experience). The styling process typically entails a massaging cleanse, product application, and drying via a hooded dryer and/or a diffuser.

 After the DevaCut

After the DevaCut

A great curly cut can make or break a head of curls. Adding a few layers to the top can create seemingly unachievable volume you could never get with a bob, and adding a bang can add versatility to your look. Before you run to the salon, be sure to do your research, check out the stylists, and ensure that the stylist can handle your hair type. 

If you're a curly girl considering getting a cut, I highly recommend the DevaCut curly cut to help you achieve your style goals and add character to your daily 'do.

CurlFest 2016


This year I had the pleasure of attending CurlFest for the second year in a row, and boy what a difference a year makes! Both the crowd and 'fros doubled in size along with the warmth and camaraderie between curly girls (and guys) of all walks of life. The Nethermead in Prospect Park was chock full of beauties and beaus all there to celebrate hair, beauty, and the culture that naysayers thought would only be a trend.

If there's one thing that didn't change from last year, it was the heat. Mr. Sun came out to play all day...I'm guessing he knew there were photo ops to be had. This year I wore a linen off-the-shoulder top from Zara along with a pair of yellow and blue floral H&M shorts for a pop of color on this summery day. Sticking to my usual routine, I wore barely-there make up and let Marc Jacob's creme lipstick in Blow upgrade my look with minimal effort.


Haircare brands like Shea Moisture, Eden Body Works, and Tropic Isle Living and vendors such as The Wrap Life had products available for purchase and, if you were one of the lucky ones, free samples to snag. Like last year, early arrivals were treated to swag bags containing full-sized products including a Shea Moisture deep conditioner and Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic. For those of you hoping to attend next year, get there earlier than the early arrivals; that free swag bag line was no joke.


Aside from my gnarly nose tan (that's what I get for wearing sunglasses all day), my experience at CurlFest was second-to-none and I'm so happy I got to meet curlies old and new. Thanks to everyone for all the good vibes and kind words. Let's continue to spread the love from CurlFest throughout the rest of our days.